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 Succulent Nursery Home:
Jocelyn Ainsworth has been a private collector for over 40 years. Imported plants from Africa, Americas, Korea, Japan. Huge range of rare and exotic succulents, echeverias, cacti, succulents, agave, aloe, crassula, delosperma, echinopsis, kalanchoe,lampranthus, mammillaria, opuntia, rebutia, sedum, yucca .
Nursery business established 1972
Succulents, specialising in Echeverias

Sales by APPOINTMENT ONLY to /retail/public/private collectors

Unfortunately cannot send to W.A. or Tas, due to state restrictions.
Rare specimens
CD or DVD photos of plants (named) available for purchase ("Succulent Products" Price list below)
Catalogue/Price list  - order form - see link/PDF below
Member of Cactus and Succulent Society.

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Succulent Products Price List PDF
Catalogue Price and Pricelist pdf

petite echivaria


large succelents

huge range of echevarias

Catalogue Price and Pricelist pdf